New Construction to Begin November 2014.

The week of November 3 FRECON Construction will begin site work for the long-awaited addition to our school. The addition will be extending into the Kindergarten yard and that means that for the next several months that yard will be off limits to our kids. As well we will have to change the drop-off and pick-up location to the area near the Day Care.

We are working with plant and the local fire department to ensure safe egress if there is an emergency and the students will begin  practicing fire drills this week, as well as new procedures in leaving school at the end of the day.Most of this will not affect students from grade 1-7. It is mostly just the kindergarten students.

At the end of it all we are working to ensure the children are safe and well cared for. So as usual new changes are coming. They are positive and exciting for us. Please drop by if you have a suggestion about how to manage any thing you might see.



You have no doubt heard that Valor is not opening on time. I feel greatly for the students and staff of that school. We have lived that experience and it isn’t pleasant.

Regardless, we were supposed to share busing with Valor and at start-up in September we will not. The Transportation Consortium has in their wisdom decided that we will continue to have dedicated buses for the time being. You will hear from Transportation as to pick-up and drop-off times in the next few weeks.

Principal: Mr.John J. Leitch

Secretary: Ms. Carolyn Moyles
Phone Number: 613-687-4167


1. What does St. Francis offer to my child?

Having fun? You bet!

Having fun? You bet!

Ours is a faith based (Catholic) educational community. We offer a safe environment, a caring staff, excellent teaching, high standards, cutting edge technology, and an environment where we show warmth, hospitality, good humor and joy.

Starting Kindergarten in September?- Check out our  St Francis Kindergarten Orientation

2. I hear a great deal about bullying. Does St. Francis have a problem with this?

Every school has some children who are not adjusted socially. Here at St. Francis we have much to proud of with a student body which generally treats each other very nicely. We have several programs designed to teach socialization skills and we work diligently with those who are having problems. Are we perfect? No, but as I say we are proud of our students and how they treat each other.

3. Do we accept non-Catholic students? Yes, but! Because we are a Catholic Faith-based school we have to provide spaces for our Catholic students first. After that we happily accept students from other faiths, and not only Christian. Our belief is that students from other faiths can broaden our understanding of others and eliminate bigotry and ignorance. Also we as humans learn where we stand by seeing where others stand.

Father Titus speaks with the students during a prayer service.

Father Titus speaks with the students during a prayer service.

The only thing we ask of non-catholic students and their families is that they respect our faith and traditions. All students are required to participate in the faith-life of the school.




love-comesWelcome “good people”. St. Francis used this greeting when he walked this good earth. He went about teaching the Christian message by what he did, and rarely by what he said. He was the son of a very wealthy merchant, he liked to party way too much , and he was a soldier. Eventually he  who went looking for some meaning in his life and allowed Christ to enter. He disavowed wealth and

Francis’s story  tells us that there is something even more important than wealth. In his story there is the love of God, others and God’s world and every creature in it. Awesome!

At St. Francis we try hard to listen to the message of Christ through the life of Francis. We listen to “Blessed are the peacemakers”… and “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace”….