St. Francis Update…

November 11 th Ceremonies


We invite all parents to join us on November 6th for our St. Francis of Assisi Remembrance Day Service. We begin at 10:30 with the color party and march in.


Busing has been difficult for everyone this fall. Transportation has and continues to hear about the problems. We are not the only school being affected in this way. Your School Council has written a letter expressing their concerns and I understand that many of you have contributed to the content of this letter. Thank you.

I honestly dread what will happen when Valor does open. At this time Mr. White, Manager of Transportation, has indicated that we will have five buses rather than three, we will be sharing with senior students from Valor, and that the buses will off-load in the circle, not in our yard.

Regardless we will always do our best for the kids here at St. Francis.

New Addition and Portables

The two new portables are up and running. The kids are warm and comfortable and school work proceeds. The new addition contracts have been let and we should see ground break before too long (I hope!). We will see four new classrooms, more bathrooms and some storage space.


Principal: Mr.John J. Leitch
Secretary: Ms. Carolyn Moyles
Phone Number: 613-687-4167


1. What does St. Francis offer to my child?

Having fun? You bet!


IMG_8883 IMG_8884
Support the TroopsOurs is a faith based (Catholic) educational community. We offer a safe environment, a caring staff, excellent teaching, high standards, cutting edge technology, and an environment where we show warmth, hospitality, good humor and joy.

Starting Kindergarten in September?- Check out our  St Francis Kindergarten Orientation

2. I hear a great deal about bullying. Does St. Francis have a problem with this?

Every school has some children who are not adjusted socially. Here at St. Francis we have much to proud of with a student body which generally treats each other very nicely. We have several programs designed to teach socialization skills and we work diligently with those who are having problems. Are we perfect? No, but as I say we are proud of our students and how they treat each other.

3. Do we accept non-Catholic students? Yes, but! Because we are a Catholic Faith-based school we have to provide spaces for our Catholic students first. After that we happily accept students from other faiths, and not only Christian. Our belief is that students from other faiths can broaden our understanding of others and eliminate bigotry and ignorance. Also we as humans learn where we stand by seeing where others stand.

Father Titus speaks at Mass with SFA.

Opening School Mass (2)

The only thing we ask of non-catholic students and their families is that they respect our faith and traditions. All students are required to participate in the faith-life of the school.





love-comesWelcome “good people”. St. Francis used this greeting when he walked this good earth. He went about teaching the Christian message by what he did, and rarely by what he said. He was the son of a very wealthy merchant, he liked to party way too much , and he was a soldier. Eventually he  who went looking for some meaning in his life and allowed Christ to enter. He disavowed wealth and

Francis’s story  tells us that there is something even more important than wealth. In his story there is the love of God, others and God’s world and every creature in it. Awesome!

At St. Francis we try hard to listen to the message of Christ through the life of Francis. We listen to “Blessed are the peacemakers”… and “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace”….